The rise of the Mumpreneurs

If you read our recent post concerning confidence among British freelancers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s all doom and gloom in the self-employment sector right now. However, a report published this week by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed suggests that, for a certain part of the freelance community, things are on the up.  Read More

UK freelancers 2018: self-confidence up, but confidence in government down

The latest Freelance Confidence Index has been published, and the numbers confirm what many freelancers have been saying privately: it’s not the easiest time to be going it alone and major political events have played their part. That said, the freelance community is still earning reasonably well, and the recognition that “you are what you sell” seems to be keeping people buoyant.  Read More

Introducing the Pensions Dashboard Project

We’re always keen to keep you up-to-date with the latest tools and dashboards, and the Pensions Dashboard Project is currently as fresh as it gets. It’s so fresh, in fact, that the government have yet to even finish making it. You can, however, sign up to their newsletters to see how they’re getting on. Here’s why we think it looks like a good idea. Read More

Life insurance and the self-employed… how does that work?

Life insurance is one of those “I’ll put it on the to-do list and never get round to it” things for most self-employed people. As financial planner, Alan Cripps, says below – most of us either have it added a form of life insurance to our mortgage (if we’re lucky enough to be able to get a mortgage) or simply plump for the cheapest thing, not fully understanding what we’re getting.  Read More

5 reasons why My Accountant Friend is one of the best online accountants

What do you want from an online accountants? Is it ease of use? Is it up-to-the-minute, cloud-based software? Is it readily available support that knows your business inside out the minute they pick up the phone? Is it helpful side products like receipts-scanning apps? Read More

Tax deadlines and self-assessments: what does HMRC consider a ‘reasonable excuse’?

This time last year we looked at 10 excuses that HMRC hear most commonly when it comes to self-assessment deadlines. This year we thought it might be worth looking at what HMRC considers a ‘reasonable excuse’.  Read More

Startup stories: Making batteries great again!

We love a good startup story here at My Accountant Friend, especially when it’s a success story involving one of our own MAFters. This week we’re delighted to be chatting to Amrit Chandan, the co-founder of Aceleron. Already named as one of Forbes Under 30, Amrit and his team is spearheading the drive to “make batteries great again”. In other words, they’ve worked out ways to recycle lithium ion batteries and use them to provide electrical storage to people in limited situations. It’s one of those inspiring stories you hear about relatively often, without realising that it’s taking place right here under your nose. Read More

Why we’re advocated against extending IR35 legislation to the private sector

Earlier this week we shared a petition against extending IR35 legislation to the private sector. If that sounds like a load of accountancy jargon to you, we understand. However, there’s a big chance that the changes that the government are hinting at will have a major effect on your life as a self-employed person. To get a better handle on what this might mean, we sat down with Rachel Whitman of My Accountant Friend to find out more.  Read More

The freelancer’s guide to business receipts

Business receipts have a complicated place in the hearts of most people new to self-employment. That moment when you first register your company, head into a shop and put something ‘through the business’ – it’s an exciting time for everyone. It makes you feel proud of yourself, not to mention a little as though you’re getting something for free (you’re not – sorry!) All of that subsides rather quickly, however, and business receipts – and what to do with them – have a tendency to become quite a chore over time.  Read More

The freelance life in numbers – what freelancers worry about before taking the leap

As you’ll see if you take a look around our website, we’re fairly passionate about the freelance lifestyle. Whether you’re a creative freelancer, a project manager, a contractor or a small business owner, we love keeping you well-informed on ways to make the most of your chosen way to make a living.  Read More

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