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Comparing manifestos for the June 8th election: what’s in it for the self-employed?

The June 8th election is only weeks away, and with (most of) the manifestos now out in the open, we thought it’d be a good idea to compare and contrast what’s on offer to the UK’s freelance and self-employed community. With no intention of influencing your vote, we present here all the published points relevant to freelancers, their rights, their pensions and their tax situations. Read More

Who says accountants are dull?

Much as we love furnishing you with useful freelance life info week in, week out, occasionally we like to cut loose a little and show you just a glimpse of all the amazing fun things we do in the accountancy world.

No, don’t run away! Read More

What small businesses need to know about ‘Mobile First’ and ‘Searchmageddon’

The chances are that, as a small business or a freelancer offering their services, you rely quite heavily on the internet. You’ve most probably come across the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and have some idea that getting an SEO expert to tweak your site can do wonders for your appearance in Google Search. Like most people, however, it’s quite possible that your knowledge goes no further, and news of algorithm updates understandably pass you by. You’ve survived undisturbed by the quirks of Google until now, so why change what seems to be working?  Read More

Tech, apps and R&D tax credits

If you’ve launched one of these new-fangled tech startup contraptions, the likelihood is that you’re already feeling the pinch pretty hard. Unless you’ve got yourself a sugar daddy, a fairy godmother or a rich maiden aunt, money is most likely to be in short supply for some time to come. We can’t all be Elon Musk overnight.  Read More

Dublin’s best coffee shops for freelancers

Every year we like to spend as much time as is humanly possible drinking all the caffeine in a given city. The city of choice is chosen largely based on us setting up shop there, so it’s as much a celebration of our own modest expansion as it is the coffee itself. However, we’ve been told on repeated occasions that these articles have been of use to the local freelance community – so here we go again! Read More

UK freelancers ‘sick’ of paperwork… literally!

Sick of doing your accounting? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to a report by Nesta, almost 1 in 5 self-employed people in the UK have been so stressed by their financial paperwork that they’ve become unwell. And before you start shouting things about people needing to pull themselves together, consider this: the same report suggests that a similar number (again, around 1 in 5) spend as much as 8 hours each week trying to get it all done. That’s approximately a whole working day! Imagine what they could get done if they delegated.  Read More

Why are so many SME’s turning to freelancers? The answers are in!

“Ten years ago the majority of businesses cited local staff as their main source of employees,” says PeoplePerHour founder, Xenios Thrasyvoulou. “Now the majority cite freelancers as their main source of hiring. This turnaround has been rapid and the change has taken some by surprise – perhaps this accounts for the recent fracas around the chancellor’s threatened manifesto breach.” Read More

How to use Facebook marketing to build your freelance client base

One of the most effective ways of reaching a new audience and spreading word of your expertise is to take full advantage of Facebook’s marketing tools. The problem is that, to the newbie, it can look quite daunting. Since it’s one of the ways we reach new clients, we thought we’d give you a quick and easy rundown on how to do it yourself. Read More

Simple(ish) ways to stay outside IR35 as a freelancer

The world of self-employment and tax is a crazy one at the moment. One minute you think you’re going to be paying extra dollops of national insurance, and the next you’re part of a huge U-turn. It’s all you can do to keep up.  Read More