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Freelance insurance: all you need to know

Of the many things that new freelancers and contractors have to get their heads around, insurance is often very low on the list. It just seems so fiddly and expensive, doesn’t it? But imagine falling sick for any serious length of time and not having freelance insurance. Imagine being charged with negligence (it could happen!) or theft of intellectual property and not having any way to deal with the inevitable expense. I hardly bears thinking about.  Read More

Startup Stories: Thriving Ventures

In this week’s Startup Stories interview, we chat with a young Birmingham-based entrepreneur (and fellow MAFster) who aims to take on two strands of the computing world at the same time. Here, Erik Gustaf Akerman talks to us about launched Thriving Ventures during his years as a student at Aston University. In an in-depth discussion, he looks at the ways in the gaming industry is changing, and how student entrepreneurship fits with traditional (more hedonistic) student life.  Read More

Freelancer’s day rates peak, but outlook lacks confidence

The quarterly IPSE Confidence Index was published yesterday, and while glimpses of positivity shone through, the general feeling was one of unease. IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) compiled their report from the responses of 691 IPSE members, focusing on questions pertaining to business confidence, perceived demand for freelance work, and the factors that each member believed were affecting fluctuations in their abilities to do business.  Read More

Pensions for freelancers and contractors: everything you need to know

Launching your own business is about starting something new and fresh. It’s very much a beginning, so the idea of bringing it all to a close and retiring is probably about the furthest thing from your mind. However, as we found out when we chatted with Alex Caulder – an expert on pensions for freelancers – it’s very much something worth thing about now. Not only will it serve you well in the long run, there are also tax-related benefits that you ought to know about. In the following interview, Alex talks through everything you need to know.  Read More

6 things NOT to do in your freelance quest for world domination

Week in, week out, we turn up in your inbox on a Friday morning offering you friendly advice on things you ought to do to be a successful, shining example of self-employedness. What we rarely do is give you guidance on what to avoid. So, this week, we sat down with My Accountant Friend main man, Iain Morrison, to find out his top tips on what not to do when freelancing or accounting.  Read More

76% of UK’s freelancers and contractors have no means to cover sick pay

Fascinating news broke yesterday ahead of the publication of the forthcoming Taylor Review (an official report into employment practices in the modern economy led by the Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, Matthew Taylor), suggesting that three-quarters (76%) of the UK’s micro businesses aren’t set up to deal with extended sick leaveRead More

Why hire an online accountant?

A few weeks ago we looked at the more basic questions: why hire an accountant? Why not do it yourself? This week we’re being a bit more future-facing and asking what the benefits are in hiring an online accountant. As you’ll see, they’re many and varied.  Read More

Student entrepreneurs redefine the meaning of “summer job”

Back in the days when this blogger attended university, typical student jobs were fairly restricted to bar-keeping, shelf stocking, envelope stuffing and occasional unpaid shifts at the student union (where you’d get in to events for free and they might let you snaffle a beer). Scroll forward a couple of decades and things have changed considerably. The latest role the university masses are proud to add to their CVs? Student entrepreneur.  Read More

Why hire an accountant? Why not do it yourself?

If we’re about nothing else here at My Accountant Friend, we’re about trying to be useful and helpful. One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is, simply: why hire an accountant? Why shouldn’t I just do it myself? We understand this very well. As many of our clients are self-employed startups, freelancers or independent contractors, we know that saving money is high on the agenda. However, there’s a difference between wasting money and money well spent, so here are a few reasons why we think hiring an accountant is a wise decision.  Read More

The freelance life: what stresses you?

At any given get-together of freelancers or self-employed people, one question will inevitably rise: what is it about the freelance life that you find difficult? A recent survey by Aldermore suggests that what people expect to be stressed out by before they go freelance, and what they’re actually stressed out by once they’re on that road differs considerably.

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