Questions from the self-employed: How do I close my company?

It’s not the most positive article we’ve ever had to write, but we’re all about helpfulness here at My Accountant Friend. One of the questions many self-employed people find they may have to consider is “How do I close my company?” As HMRC are inevitably going to have to be involved, it’s not as straightforward as shutting down and walking away from your bank account. A good accountant (including an online accountant) can help you find your way through the end zone.  Read More

Contractors, freelancers, startups: what do you need from an accountant?

Our last few blog posts have been interviews with CEOs and founders of startups (see our Startup Stories section), and it occurred to us that, as a blog attached to an online accountants (My Accountant Friend), it might be a nice idea to look into what it is that makes our working relationship with them click. In other words, what is it that the budding contractor, freelancer or startup founder looks for in their modern accounting tools? Here’s what they had to say.  Read More

EIS: ideas, suggestions, hints and tips

The Enterprise Initiative Scheme (EIS) is a government initiative offering some of the most attractive UK tax breaks available. We’re big fans of this scheme, here at MAF, so we thought we’d put together this page (to be regularly updated) helping our readers to better understand EIS, and point out some of the more interesting opportunities that we’ve been made aware of.  Read More

Startup Stories: Sam Zawadzki and Property Technology

This week’s Startup Story comes courtesy of Sam Zawadzki, the CEO and co-founder of Like many young entrepreneurs, Sam began by doing rather than just thinking – setting up his first online enterprise while still in university, before going on to win a number of awards and nominations. He’s a member of The Power of Youth, a global organisation of young entrepreneurs, and he also serves as Richard Branson’s Ambassador for Scotland in the Virgin Media Pioneers Network. Read More

Startup Stories: JAFA app (Just a Fan’s Analysis)

This month’s Startup Stories interview is with Dan Bedi, a co-founder and CEO of the all-new JAFA app, an essential new download for football fans. While the JAFA app is brand new, the founding team are dreaming big, hoping to expand their new creation into something that “supports sports fans on a global scale”. We caught up with Dan to find out where the app came from, where it’s going, and how potential investors might want to get involved.  Read More

Becoming GDPR compliant: what on earth does that mean?

If, like most people, you’ve subscribed to a number of newsletters and online services, the likelihood is that you’re suddenly being inundated with emails talking about “GDPR compliance”. While it might appear on first glance to have something to do with Pound Stirling, it’s actually related to the EU’s changing position on personal data. We thought we’d take a look under the hood and create a kind of At-A-Glance Guide to GDPR. We hope you find it useful.  Read More

How to grow your business: some expert advice

Here on the My Accountant Friend blog, we’re always keen to chat to people who can bring a real difference to the self-employed community. This week we caught up with Richard Hunter-Rice, a Midlands-based business consultant who has more than 30 years of experience helping companies of all sizes to realise their potential. Ever wondered how to grow your business? Read on… Read More

The rise of the Mumpreneurs

If you read our recent post concerning confidence among British freelancers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s all doom and gloom in the self-employment sector right now. However, a report published this week by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed suggests that, for a certain part of the freelance community, things are on the up.  Read More

UK freelancers 2018: self-confidence up, but confidence in government down

The latest Freelance Confidence Index has been published, and the numbers confirm what many freelancers have been saying privately: it’s not the easiest time to be going it alone and major political events have played their part. That said, the freelance community is still earning reasonably well, and the recognition that “you are what you sell” seems to be keeping people buoyant.  Read More

Introducing the Pensions Dashboard Project

We’re always keen to keep you up-to-date with the latest tools and dashboards, and the Pensions Dashboard Project is currently as fresh as it gets. It’s so fresh, in fact, that the government have yet to even finish making it. You can, however, sign up to their newsletters to see how they’re getting on. Here’s why we think it looks like a good idea. Read More

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