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Visual metaphor (bolted door) representing closing a company

Questions from the self-employed: How do I close my company?

It’s not the most positive article we’ve ever had to write, but we’re all about helpfulness here at My Accountant Friend. One of the questions many self-employed people find they may have to consider is “How do I close my company?” As HMRC are inevitably going to have to be involved, it’s not as straightforward […]

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Contractors, freelancers, startups: what do you need from an accountant?

Our last few blog posts have featured interviews with CEOs and founders of startups (see our category ‘In Good Company‘), and it occurred to us that, as a blog attached to an online accountants (My Accountant Friend), it might be a nice idea to look into what it is that makes our working relationship with […]

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UK freelancers 2018: self-confidence up, but confidence in government down

The latest Freelance Confidence Index has been published, and the numbers confirm what many freelancers have been saying privately: it’s not the easiest time to be going it alone and major political events have played their part. That said, the freelance community is still earning reasonably well, and the recognition that “you are what you […]

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The freelancer’s guide to business receipts

Business receipts have a complicated place in the hearts of most people new to self-employment. That moment when you first register your company, head into a shop and put something ‘through the business’ – it’s an exciting time for everyone. It makes you feel proud of yourself, not to mention a little as though you’re […]

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The freelance life in numbers – what freelancers worry about before taking the leap

As you’ll see if you take a look around our website, we’re fairly passionate about the freelance lifestyle. Whether you’re a creative freelancer, a project manager, a contractor or a small business owner, we love keeping you well-informed on ways to make the most of your chosen way to make a living. We’ve been running […]

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Freelance insurance: all you need to know

Of the many things that new freelancers and contractors have to get their heads around, insurance is often very low on the list. It just seems so fiddly and expensive, doesn’t it? But imagine falling sick for any serious length of time and not having freelance insurance. Imagine being charged with negligence (it could happen!) or theft […]

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Freelancer’s day rates peak, but outlook lacks confidence

The quarterly IPSE Confidence Index was published yesterday, and while glimpses of positivity shone through, the general feeling was one of unease. IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) compiled their report from the responses of 691 IPSE members, focusing on questions pertaining to business confidence, perceived demand for freelance work, and the factors […]

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Pensions for freelancers and contractors: everything you need to know

Launching your own business is about starting something new and fresh. It’s very much a beginning, so the idea of bringing it all to a close and retiring is probably about the furthest thing from your mind. However, as we found out when we chatted with Alex Caulder – an expert on pensions for freelancers […]

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Why 76% of UK’s freelancers & contractors have no means to cover sick pay

Fascinating news broke yesterday ahead of the publication of the forthcoming Taylor Review (an official report into employment practices in the modern economy led by the Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, Matthew Taylor), suggesting that three-quarters (76%) of the UK’s micro businesses aren’t set up to deal with extended sick leave.  While […]

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